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This Is Us

Indreni means a rainbow depicting of seven-color that represents the beauty of San Francisco. Mr. Ram Poudel, chef and partner, is so thrilled to implement his long experience and expertise in hospitality industry at his own venture now. Indreni aims to bring delicious and affordable contemporary Indian cuisine while being environmentally conscious and procuring the highest quality ingredients. Indreni also serves halal red meats, and its dairy products are from cows not treated with BST. Eco friendly – Indreni uses recyclable and compostable containers and bags only in their daily operation.


FYI : 

1. Please ask the server if you have any types of allergies or if you want to modify the item.

2. Patrons with 6 or more will be charged gratuity of 18%

3. Corkage charge $15

Catering :

Indreni caters food for small or big groups: banquets, festivals, and offices. We will also arrange site-service for the party.

Booking :

We always encourage our regular patrons to give us a call for a reservation.

Real Food. No Secret Ingredients.

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